2015   |   Wood frame, fabric, wire, LED, rotating system   |   Dimension  2 x 10 x 0.8m
photo: Alexandr Dobrovodský
photo: Alexandr Dobrovodský
In my artwork, I manipulate visual volume and three-dimensionality. Light and shadow play key roles in this process. Shadows emerge in response to reduced light, their appearance shifting with changes in lighting conditions. What intrigues me is the interaction between objects and their shadows: the interplay between three-dimensional and two-dimensional forms. Shadows often appear flat and lacking volume. However, I present shadows with optical depth and dimensionality, inviting viewers to perceive our understanding as more variable than commonly assumed.
Commissioned by Pilzen 2015, the European Capital of Culture and OPEN A.I.R, Artist in Residence
Exhibition in DEPO, Pilsen, Czech Republic

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